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Natural Election pulls in tweets from #GE2015 from Twitter to create and spawn MPs to fight inside the House of Commons. As well as using #GE2015 the game also uses #NVAElection to spawn in ‘Super MPs’ which have increased size and health. This was to allow viewers at the National Videogame Arcade to have some input into the game by ‘tweeting along’. They could also use a gavel to call ‘Order’ in the House of Commons.

Relevant Links: GameCity, Kotaku, Destructoid, Gamasutra (Blog Post)Youtube (Dodger)

Skills Developed: C#, API implementation, Unity, optimisation, group working.


Twitter AviaryAviarySite

The Twitter Aviary was my dissertation project for my third year at University. The player must identify the most popular and positive tweets in order to catch the best and healthiest bird out of the trending hashtag they select. They can then care for this bird and sell it once it has matured. The game was created alongside Sean Oxspring who provided the original brief for the project through Hitpoint Games.

The research component of my dissertation aimed to discover if and what users could learn about Twitter when the service was framed in a video game. Ultimately I concluded that it’s very much possible but found that users should be funnelled towards information rather than given complete freedom and that there could be some dangers of learning false information if the data is not presented clearly (something potentially out of the designers control when using live social media data).

Grade Achieved: First

Skills Developed: C#, API implementation, Unity, optimisation, autonomy.


Lincoln Luxury Cars

I was originally contracted to work on Lincoln Luxury Cars to update a few areas of the website. Following this the client and I agreed that the site could also do with some further work to improve the appearance, usability and maintainability.

I rebuilt the site using Bootstrap as the site needed to updated in a short time period ready for an event. Using Boostrap also meant the site could easily be made responsive.

 Original  New


Games Jams

The Flying Foot

Character Building Clapping Flying Foot Theatre

The Flying Foot is a ‘comedy simulator’ based on the idea of piecing together the correct jokes from a selection of 10,164 jokes from a variety of categories (which the player can choose from) within a time limit.

For this game jam I worked on creating a web scraper for a joke website (as I generally make a lot of web scrapers in my free time) and to create the character customisation system from the pieces the artist created.

Prizes Won: LiSQ Prize (HCI Prize)

Skills Developed: C#, Unity, web scraping.


Trakt Spoiler Preventer (Google Chrome Extension)

Screenshots 1 Screenshots 3 Screenshots 4 Screenshots 5

Version 2.0 of Trakt.tv currently does not offer spoiler prevention in episode titles, descriptions and screenshots; users including myself are awaiting this functionality to return so I decided to create an extension for users until the functionality is added. Using content scripts in Google Chrome with jQuery I modify HTML elements to obscure possible spoilers while maintaining the look and feel of the site. The extension is currently live on the Chrome Web Store.

Relevant Links: Chrome Web Store

Skills Developed: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery.

Steam for Windows Phone (University Assignment)

wp_ss_20150108_0001 wp_ss_20150102_0001 wp_ss_20150102_0002 wp_ss_20150108_0010

Steam for Windows Phone uses the Steam Storefront API and the Steam Community API. The assignment was to create a useful and innovative application using at least one API of our choice and one SOAP service provided to us by our lecturer. I chose to use two Steam APIs and the Twitter and Sentiment SOAP services provided by the lecturer.

The Steam APIs simply act as though they do on the Android and iOS counterparts. I however used the SOAP services to show the user how Twitter was currently feeling about the game. This could potentially give users into insights into how a game is currently running.

Grade Achieved: 81%

Skills Developed: C#, XAML, Windows Phone 8 development, API implementation.

Chaap – Private Communication (Windows Phone) (University Assignment)

Chaap 1 Chaap 2 Chaap 3

For this assignment we had to create another Windows Phone Application but instead of using existing APIs we had to create our own (either SOAP or REST).

To fulfil these requirements I created a location based privacy orientated messaging application. Users can communicate with others around them by sending and receiving messages. Once those messages are confirmed received they are deleted from the users table of messages waiting for them.

In order to reduce API calls whenever a user conducts an action in the application that also passes their username their ‘last online’ time is changed. If a still online API call or API call with a username is not sent for a period of 10 minutes or more the user is considered by other clients as being offline.

Grade Achieved: 82%

Skills Developed: C#, XAML, Windows Phone 8 development, API development, Microsoft Azure development, NoSQL.


Box Art


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