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Hi! I'm Jordan Bird, a multidiscipline developer based in Lincoln.

I currently work at BrandFour on projects ranging from ASP.Net sites and Xamarin based apps to VR applications built in Unity.



Sherwood and Back Again

Sherwood and Back Again was an interactive experience designed to encourage the general public to engage with #RobinHoodDay in Nottingham.

Tweeting with the #RobinHoodDay hashtag would help fire an arrow further around the world; with the aim being to fire it around the world once.

Tweets and Twitter user profile images would appear as characters in the game which was streamed and displayed at the Nottingham Video Game Arcade as a part of the Game City festival.

You can read my blog post on Sherwood and Back Again by clicking here.

Natural Election

Following my dissertation (which you can read more about here) I worked again with Hitpoint Games and the Nottingham Video Game Arcade to produce a 'simulation' of the UK 2015 General Election.

MPs would brawl in the House of Lords, with the amount of MPs spawned being based on how much Twitter was talking about a particular party while using the #GE2015 hashtag.

You can read my blog post on Natural Election by clicking here.

Volatile Element

One of the aspects I was looking forward to the most when I started University in 2012 at the University of Lincoln was being to able to participate in student game jams. A group of friends and I decided we were going to enter the 'CanJam' on 3rd March 2013.

Since then I've jumped at every oppurtunity to participate in a game jam ran by the University. I've now participated in over 10 game jams.

Having entered so many game jams I thought it would be worthwhile creating a website to document them all.

You can view this website and all of my game jam entries by clicking here.

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